Let’s face it: dental implant costs in San Francisco are not cheap. On the contrary, they’re expensive! This is not just peculiar to San Francisco – they’re expensive wherever you go.

San Francisco Dental Implants

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However, the question should not be “can I afford them?” It should be “can I afford not to have them?” When you have missing teeth there is the sheer embarrassment that you suffer every time you smile or laugh out loud. The fact is that it doesn’t get any better as the years go by: the embarrassment doesn’t suddenly disappear.

It’s not just your appearance either. Perhaps there are certain foods that you simply cannot eat because you don’t have enough teeth to chew them. That doesn’t get any better either, as you look at the shelves in Walmart and know that there are some foods that you just can’t buy.

Of course, you may have dentures. Certainly, they will help your smile look better, but as for all the messing about that is involved, together with the fact that most people find they slip about when eating, the majority of people would say that they are simply not worth all the bother.

The Best Is Never Cheap

As we said, dental implant costs are not cheap. But then, the best never is. Dental implants not only look as good as your original teeth – in some cases better – they perform exactly as your original teeth did too. In one respect they are actually better than your original teeth because they are not subject to disease. So with dental implants you get the best of all worlds: your teeth look wonderful again, and you can eat anything you like. Nuts? No problem.

When you set the benefits of dental implants against the cost, it really is a no-brainer.

As regards help with dental implant costs, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we have plenty of ways in which we can help you. It may be that some, if not all, of the costs are covered on your insurance, and we accept all of the major insurance companies used by local employers.

Many Payment Plans

Even if the cost is not covered by your insurance, we have plenty of other ways in which we can help you. We have a range of different payment plans with companies like CareCredit and Chase Health Advance so there is bound to be a plan which is right for you. We even have a plan which carries no interest if it is paid off in 6 months or less: it doesn’t get much better than that!

So forget worrying about the costs of dental implants. The question is can you afford not to have them?

Our medical director, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is happy to offer a consult to all patients where he will explain exactly what is involved and answer all your questions. He will also help you with a payment plan that suits your budget. All treatments are fully priced in advance, so there are no extras later on. You will know exactly what the cost is before you begin.

You owe it to yourself to have the best. Give us a call right now on (415) 992-9188 to book your initial appointment.

Photo credit: eltpics via Foter.com / CC BY-NC