California is not a cheap state. And San Francisco is not a cheap city. So, what is the cost of dental implants in California? At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we get asked this a lot. That’s like asking “what is the cost of a house in California?”

cost of dental implants

It really depends. Is it an upscale house or shack? Is it in San Francisco or is it in Needles? It all depends.

If you want to know the cost of dental implants in California, the answer is to make an appointment with our Dr. Alex Rabinovich who will be able to examine you and, using our very latest 3D scanner which is far superior to X-rays, decide upon the best options in your individual circumstances. After all, everybody is different. Even identical twins won’t have the same issues as each other.

We Will Quote You A Fixed Price

What we can promise you with the cost of dental implants in California is that the price we quote you will be the price that you pay. There will be no hidden extras. Far from it. Indeed, we offer discounts for seniors and discounts for more than one dental implant.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when calculating the cost of dental implants. For example, you may want general anesthesia and this is more expensive than a local anesthetic. There may need to be extraction of the original tooth which is no longer functioning properly. It may be necessary to undertake bone grafting if the jawbone does not have sufficient bone to take the implant. In most cases this can be carried out using bone that comes from a bone bank, but sometimes it may be necessary to take a bone graft from another part of the patient’s body such as the side of the jaw or a hip.

Of course, the cost of a dental implant will also depend on the issue of insurance. Some insurance plans may cover a part of the cost of a dental implant. If yours does, we are happy to work with your insurance company on this aspect.

Then there is also the question of the cost of the implants themselves. It is possible to get cheap implants that are made abroad, but we have respect for our patients and will not use them. We use only top-grade US-made dental implants because our patients want them to last.

So you can begin to see why we cannot simply quote you a price over the phone. We don’t know what needs to be done. The simple answer is to book a consult and come into the office, and we can then evaluate your needs.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA