If you are looking for cheap Bay Area dental implants you may very well be thinking along the wrong lines.

Bay Area Dental Implants

Photo credit: Rupert Taylor-Price via Foter.com / CC BY

When you are considering dental implants you are looking at the health of your mouth, how well it functions when you eat, what it looks like when you smile or laugh, what extra confidence that gives you, how other people view you, and a whole lot more.

It follows that you may not need cheap Bay area dental implants, because what you really want is the BEST Bay Area dental implants. Now the words “best” and “cheap” do not necessarily go hand in hand. In fact, as with most things, the best is very likely to be morexpensive than the cheapest.

With dental implants you presumably want the best type of implant available rather than some cheap foreign import. The implant is the titanium screw that is inserted into your jawbone and you undoubtedly want it made of the best material. You also want it to stay there for the rest of your life, so you also need the best dental implant surgeon.

The Finest Materials And The Best Equipment

The best San Francisco dental implant surgeon will use only the very finest materials. He will also have a highly trained team of assistants, and he will use only the very best equipment. For instance, the best scanner on the market is the 3D CAT scanner which is far superior to X-rays in its function, showing the dental implant surgeon much greater detail. This ensures that the surgeon has the maximum amount of information, showing him the density and quality of the jawbone, and enabling him to make the best choices for the implant placement, the type of implant to use, and how to avoid any nerves and sinuses. He couldn’t get all that information from an X-ray, but the CAT scanner costs considerably more than an X-ray machine. It is logical that this dental implant surgeon’s services may cost more than one using an X-ray.

Do you really want “cheap” Bay Area dental implants, or would you prefer to have the best? It’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it?

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we have the finest dental implant surgeon in the Bay Area in Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is highly respected not just by his former patients but by members of his own profession by whom he is frequently called upon to speak at dental conventions.

Dr Rabinovich uses a 3D CAT scanner. Of course. He will never use cheap foreign imports, and everything that he uses or does is of the very best. This doesn’t make him the cheapest dental implant surgeon in the Bay Area, although he is by no means the most expensive!

Dr Rabinovich also has a wide choice of payment options available so that he is able to offer all patients a way of making payment that they can afford. His belief is that his skills should be available to everyone, so that when you need dental implants you can most certainly have the best.

Photo credit: Rupert Taylor-Price via Foter.com / CC BY