When considering dental implants Bay Area it is always possible that the smaller cities like Walnut Creek, Oakland, El Cerrito and others may have general dentists who also perform dental implant work.

The best Marin County dental implants are in San Francisco, not Marin

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However, the fact is that carrying out dental implant surgery is an extremely highly skilled job and you will always be far better off with a specialist. If you were having your house re-wired you wouldn’t give the job to a general builder. You would use an electrician. The electrician specializes in electrical work, but you wouldn’t expect him to build you a wall for your yard – that’s a job for a bricklayer. It’s known as “horses for courses”. Some horses perform at their best on certain racecourses and not on others.

The Same Applies To Dental Implants

The same thing – exactly – applies to dental implants Bay Area.
You may live in one of the outlying cities like Walnut Creek, but it’s well worth hopping on BART and coming into San Francisco to see a real specialist – Dr Alex Rabinovich. After all, it’s only a half hour trip.

Dr Rabinovich is not a general dentist. If you need a filling or a general clean up Dr Rabinovich does not do that. He just does dental implant work and he has performed thousands of such surgeries over the years. What’s more, when you have dental implants at San Francisco Dental Implant Center you don’t see a junior doctor. All of the dental implant work is carried out by Dr Rabinovich personally, so your treatment is coming from the expert himself.

Professional Conferences on Dental Implant Innovation

Not only does Dr Rabinovich carry out dental implants Bay Area every day, he is such an acknowledged expert in his profession that he is frequently called upon to speak about dental implants at professional conferences. In other words, Dr Rabinovich is teaching other dental implant surgeons the finer details of the surgery and keeping them up to date with the latest procedures and techniques. If he is held in such high esteem by members of his own profession, it goes without saying that he is the expert’s expert.

So if you live anywhere in the Bay Area and are considering dental implants it is well worthwhile having an exploratory meeting with Dr Rabinovich. There are no doubt a number of questions in your mind so you will be pleased to learn that Dr Rabinovich offers all patients an initial consult without any obligation. He also has a wide range of financial plans available including one with no interest if it is paid off in 6 months, so he can make dental implants affordable for everyone in the Bay Area.

Give us a call on (415) 992-9188 in order to book an appointment and discuss dental implants with one of the top dental implant surgeons not just in the Bay Area, but in the world.

Photo credit: Flavio~ via Foter.com / CC BY