When you have a friend who has bad teeth it can sometimes feel embarrassing to discuss the matter, even though you know that tips on dental implants would benefit them.

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Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY

Of course, it is much easier if you have dental implants yourself, because you will be naturally enthusiastic when you have them replacing your old missing teeth. Everyone who has missing or faulty teeth feels extremely happy with the fact that they can once again smile, laugh, and eat any type of food that they wish without embarrassment or with dentures that slip about. In fact, we would go so far as to say that nobody who has dental implants is anything other than delighted with them. You will be happy to pass on tips on dental implants.

A Tricky Subject

However, you might find it a bit tricky bringing up the subject of dental implants with a friend who may well need them. Discussing the poor state of someone’s teeth is a difficult subject.

One way you might approach the problem is by telling your friend that you just found some superb Brazil nuts at Walmart and asking if he or she would like to try some. Naturally, they will have to say no, which is when you express astonishment and ask them why ever not.

When they tell you that they cannot eat nuts because of problem teeth you can then tell them you had the same trouble, but as soon as you had dental implants you could eat anything you wished. That is if you have dental implants yourself, of course. If you don’t, you can simply refer to another friend that you know who had trouble with his or her teeth and opted for dental implants and is now fine.

If your friend has dentures and puts her hand over her mouth every time she laughs – “just in case” – you could ask if she has ever thought about having dental implants. Explain the benefits: they are just like the original teeth, don’t slip when you eat, and are better than the originals in the sense that they cannot get diseased.

Start A Conversation on What a Good Smile Means

Or you could start a conversation along the lines of “You know Jill Masters? She was telling me the other day that she’s just had dental implants and she’s over the moon with them, blah, blah, blah.”

Of course, if you want to pass on tips on dental implants you could just bite the bullet (sorry about that!) and at a suitable moment come out with “Hey, have you ever thought about dental implants? I was reading something about them the other day and apparently they work even better than the original teeth, etc., etc.”

Yes, it may be a little tricky approaching the subject, but that’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via Foter.com / CC BY