Lord knows, things are not cheap in California, and not here in San Francisco! That’s a platitude. But what people don’t think of is the true costs of health procedures. Dental implants in Mexico may not be as cheap as they appearYes, you can go to Mexico or Turkey for your dental implants, but there are a lot of “hidden costs” when compared with the cost of dental implants in California.

Let’s face it: dental implants are not going to be “cheap” wherever you go. You are not talking a couple of hundred dollars! Even so, the actual cost of the dental implant procedure itself may be cheaper in Mexico or Turkey than the cost of dental implants in California, but it is not just that cost that you have to take into consideration.

Just to begin with, when we are talking about dental implants, we are talking about something that is going to be fitted into your jawbone. You surely want only the very finest quality materials? Certainly, you can get cheap dental implants that are manufactured abroad in other countries, but here at San Francisco Dental Implant Center, we would never consider using them. Wouldn’t dream of it! We only use the finest quality implants that are manufactured here by NobelBiocare because we have respect for our patients, and we want their implants to last.

You Have To Travel

The next thing, of course, is that if you want to go to Turkey or Mexico you have to travel there, so you have those costs on top. Then you have got to stay there for however long it takes to have your dental implants installed, so that is a further cost.

What about the quality of the dentists in Turkey or Mexico? Some of them are no doubt highly skilled, but how do you know? Can they give you references?

Are they insured if something goes wrong? If a dentist in a foreign country makes a mistake, is there any way to obtain compensation?

At the very best, if you have dental implants overseas, and something goes wrong, you then have to travel back there again to get the issue sorted out. Certainly, your implants might seem fine, but then something goes wrong in two years, three years, five years’ time. What do you do? Fly back or try to get it sorted out here?

As you can readily see, there is a lot more to the cost of dental implants than meets the eye. Yes, the actual costs of the treatment itself may be lower than the cost of dental implants in California, but there are a lot of other considerations to take into account.