As with many things, if you want the very best of something it is often the case that it is not just around the corner from you, unless you are extremely lucky. Usually, in order to get the best, you have to travel. Furthermore, it might cost a bit extra as well.

Pacific Heights dental implants come downtown to Sacramento Street

Photo credit: russellstreet via / CC BY-SA

However, when you are seeking Pacific Heights dental implants it is well worthwhile going the extra mile in order to get the best that you can. Dental implants are something that are going to be with you for life – or at least they should be. This is something that affects your health, the types of food that you can eat, your smile, your laughter, your own confidence, and the way that other people see you. If they see a happy, confident, outgoing, individual with a big smile, who can laugh and crack a joke, they will enjoy your company and being part of your world.

Of course, the opposite is also true. If they see someone who rarely smiles or laughs, seems to lack confidence, doesn’t want to go out for a meal, and has a tendency to mumble his or her words, they will probably try to avoid your company.

It’s How You See Yourself

And this is all down to the way YOU see yourself. If you have missing teeth, or dentures which slip and slide about when you eat or laugh, it does considerable damage to your self-confidence. Conversely, when you know that you have perfect teeth and can smile and laugh with the best of them it does wonders for your confidence, and in turn the sort of life that you lead.

Dental implants can truly bring about an extraordinary change in your lifestyle. While not in Pacific Heights, our dental implant clinic is not far via Muni or car. Furthermore, although dental implants are not “cheap” (we would be the first to agree with that), in terms of the results that they can achieve when you have missing teeth the cost is probably the last thing you would worry about. What wouldn’t you give for a perfect smile combined with the ability to eat favorite foods that you may not have been able to do for years?

You only get one life, so it pays dividends to make the absolute best of it. Why struggle on with teeth of which you are ashamed when you can have brand new ones?

Yes, with today’s technology dental implants can be a reality. Just one thing: the very BEST dental implants in Pacific Heights can’t be found in Pacific Heights. You need to come downtown to San Francisco Dental Implant Center. As you might guess from the name, it’s what we do. Our doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is renowned as the very best dental implants surgeon in the Bay Area (and in Pacific Heights, though he technically isn’t in Pacific Heights).

Don’t look for dental implants in Pacific Heights. Take the short trip to the financial district and get your new smile from the best.

Photo credit: russellstreet via / CC BY-SA