Pacific Heights is well-known as the most affluent neighborhood in San Francisco. A lot of very wealthy people live there.  However, being wealthy unfortunately does not protect you from the effects of aging: it would be nice if it did.

Pacific Heights Dental Implants

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA

The same things affect all of us, in particular things like losing teeth. However well you take care of your teeth, the majority of people find that they lose them gradually as time goes by.

A Number Of Disadvantages

Until a few years ago the only answers were things liked dentures or a bridge. Both work to some extent, but have a number of disadvantages. Dentures, in particular, are really a foreign body in the mouth and they can affect speech – until you get used to them – and they can slip and slide about. Most embarrassing, they can actually fall out when you laugh or yawn! Bridges are somewhat different, but involve cutting down two perfectly good teeth on each side of the missing tooth.

The 21st century answer is dental implants in Pacific Heights. However, there is a slight problem: the best dental surgeon in Pacific Heights does not have his surgery in Pacific Heights. It’s in the financial district of San Francisco in Sacramento Street.

Amongst The Top Ten In The US for Dental Implants

Here you will find the office of Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is not just the best surgeon for dental implants in Pacific Heights, he is the best in the whole of the Bay Area and most certainly in the top ten in the US. This is why he is frequently asked to talk about dental implant surgery at dental conventions. In short, he teaches other dental implant surgeons the latest techniques and procedures.

Certainly, there may be general dentists in the Pacific Heights area who also carry out some dental implant work, but in truth what would you rather have: a general dentist or one of the top implant surgeons in the whole of the country? It’s well worth your while to hop on Muni or take an Uber and come down to Sacramento Street to see the top man.

Our state-of-the-art office is comfortable and welcoming, and Dr Rabinovich will put away any fears that you might have about dental implants. In fact, he offers every patient the chance of an initial consult in order that you can ask him all the questions that you have and get the right answers.

So for dental implants in Pacific Heights come downtown to Sacramento Street and let Dr Rabinovich put your mind at rest. You will be very glad that you did. Call his office now on (415) 992-9188 to arrange your consult at a time that suits you.

Photo credit: LyndaSanchez via / CC BY-SA