Telegraph Hill in San Francisco is just up the road from the Financial District and was originally called Loma Alta which is the Spanish for High Hill. It was later known as Goat Hill by the early San Franciscans, for obvious reasons.

SF Dental Implant Center is the place for Telegraph Hill dental implants

Photo credit: Flavio~ via / CC BY

However, in 1849 a semaphore structure something like a windmill was erected on top of the hill with the object of indicating to the rest of the city the type of ship entering the Golden Gate. This marine telegraph had two arms which could be put into various different configurations to show the type of ship such as steamer, sailing boat, and so on. This information was used by wholesalers, financiers, and merchants as it gave them some idea of the type of goods on board and they could predict the general prices for the goods. This gave them an advantage because those who did not know might pay too high a price for the goods being unloaded by a merchant when the price was actually about to drop. And that is why it is called Telegraph Hill.

All of which has very little to do with dental implants, apart from the fact that residents who live there and need Telegraph Hill dental implants usually come down to the Financial District to see us at San Francisco Dental Implant Center. It’s only a few minutes’ walk, after all, and we are known as the place to come to in the city for dental implants.

We Are Specialists in Dental Implants

This is because we are specialists. When you need Telegraph Hill dental implants you want the best, and we only ever use the very best – not some of the cheap imports that can be found in some offices. Let’s face it: when you need dental implants, you want implants which are going to last. Saving a few dollars is not a great idea. With that said, our dental implants are nonetheless affordable as any of our patients will tell you.

Dental implants are so superior to the alternatives such as a bridge or dentures. A bridge requires the two teeth on either side to be cut down in order to support it, while dentures can slip and slide about and you won’t be able to eat some foods with them. Dental implants are as good as the original teeth because they perform in exactly the same way.

If you need Telegraph Hill dental implants, our doctor – Dr. Alex Rabinovich – is very happy to offer all patients a consultation. Just click on the Consult link at the top of the page.

Photo credit: Flavio~ via / CC BY