If you are considering dental implant surgery San Francisco Bay area, there is no doubt that two conflicting thoughts are in your mind. First, you want to have dental implants, because you want the RESULT. You want to be able to smile without embarrassment. You want to be able to eat any food that you wish, without worrying about dentures slipping and sliding.

However, at the same time, at the back of your mind is the thought: “This Dental Implants - San Francisco, Californiainvolves SURGERY. They are going to drill into my jawbone. Will it hurt? What happens if it all goes wrong?”

Let us assure you that we TOTALLY understand – to use the common expression – where you are coming from.

Not Major Surgery – Dental Implant Center in San Francisco

However, this is not major surgery. To give you an idea of major surgery – short of a heart transplant, but nonetheless serious – let us briefly tell you about a young lady friend of ours who went into labour at a day short of 30 weeks pregnant. She was rushed into hospital in an ambulance, and checked over by the nursing staff. The doctor in charge came in, took one look at her, said something to the nurses, and then all hell broke loose.

The young lady was rushed into theater at five minutes to twelve, and at five minutes past, she had been sedated and her young (very premature) son was born by caesarean section. Four weeks on, the young lad is doing very well, albeit in an incubator. So is the new mom.

That’s major surgery.

Dental Implant Center in San Francisco – Decision is Up To YOU, It’s Major!

The point is this: although dental implant surgery San Francisco Bay area is only minor surgery, to YOU it’s major. We know how you feel. We understand. Any sort of surgery – even if it’s only pricking a boil – is major to the person on the receiving end.

That is why, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center, all our staff treat every patient with respect and compassion. We know how you feel. One or two of us have had surgery ourselves, so we understand how scary it can be.

This is why our office is designed with state-of-the-art equipment, a relaxing waiting room, and has staff who will answer every question you ask.

One Of The Foremost Dental Implant Surgeons In The US

Our senior doctor, Dr Alex Rabinovich, is not only the owner of the practice he is also the only dental surgeon. You can read elsewhere that he is one of the foremost, if not THE foremost, dental implant surgeons in the US. He is frequently invited to speak about dental implants at dental conventions, where he explains the latest procedures to other dentists. He has also written many treatises and papers on the subject.

When you have dental implant surgery San Francisco Bay area at the San Francisco Dental Implant Center, you will be treated by Dr Rabinovich in person, not just some junior dentist.

We understand that the prospect can seem scary, but everything will be done to put you at your ease. You will find that, however worrying the prospect might be today, it is nowhere near as bad as you might imagine. Certainly not like having a caesarean at ten minutes notice!