If there is one thing that you can say about San Franciscans it is that they don’t like to wait. When we want something, we want it now. Not next week or next month, but now.

Teeth in a day with “all on four” technology.

Photo credit: Rupert Taylor-Price via Foter.com / CC BY

With our “all on four” dental implants technology, you can now have that new set of teeth in a day. Yes, literally in one day.

When people lose their teeth, they also lose some of the bone that was there to support the teeth. This meant that if multiple dental implants were required, the patient may also need bone grafting. Bone might be taken from the hip or leg and grafted into the jawbone. That bone then had to consolidate into the jawbone in a process over several months.

Then the dental implants were fitted and that also required a process called osseointegration in which the jawbone clamped tightly to the implants. Only after that could the teeth be fitted. That meant that quite often the whole process could take over a year. And we’re San Franciscans!

Technology Had To Come Up With Something

Well, quite obviously, technology had to come up with something for us in San Francisco, and it has – in the form of “all on four” dental implants.

Using this breakthrough technology, our Dr Rabinovich can use his CT scanner to provide a 3D image of your jawbone which enables him to utilize the jawbone that is available, with little or no bone grafting. “All on four” is so-called because it can use four implants in each jawbone. However, Dr Rabinovich prefers to use five or six implants because if there are only four and one of them should fail at some point, additional implants would be needed.

The implants are often angled in order to make maximum use of the jawbone, and once they are in place, a bridge replacing all of the teeth on that jawbone can be attached to them because the load is spread over all the implants, so they can be utilized immediately.

Then Dr. Rabinovich can do the same thing on the other jaw and – hey presto! – you have teeth in a day!

“All on four” dental implants is certainly ground-breaking technology and exactly the sort of thing that San Franciscans want. No waiting – just instant results.

So if you are considering dental implants, call the office and make an appointment to see Dr Rabinovich. He provides all patients with an initial consult, so he can take a CT scan of your jawbone and see if you are a suitable candidate for “all on four”.

Rupert Taylor-Price via Foter.com / CC BY