If you are suffering from many missing teeth, as a lot of people do, there is a relatively new procedure which is called “all on four” and it might be the right answer for you.You can have a consultation to discover if “all on four” is right for you. It will depend upon the condition of your jawbone, and so you will need a consultation and examination to determine if this is the best procedure, but “all on four” in the Bay Area can be carried out in as little as a day.

“All on four” is a type of dental implant procedure which uses just four, or possibly five or six, dental implants which can be positioned so that a complete bridge can be attached which will replace all of the teeth on that jaw. It can be done to both the upper and lower jaw and it is also known as “teeth in a day” because you can end the day with a full set of teeth on both jaws.

A dental implant works by inserting a titanium screw into the jawbone and the jawbone will grow around it tightly. A crown is attached on top of the implant, and then the tooth will perform exactly as the original tooth did. With “all on four” in the Bay Area you have much the same thing, but instead of having one implant for each replacement tooth, you can have as little as four to hold a full set of teeth.

As Few As Four Implants Can Hold A Whole Bridge

In fact, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center, our doctor – Dr. Alex Rabinovich – prefers to use five or even six implants because if you have four implants and one of them fails, then the whole bridge can no longer be utilized. If you have five or six implants, that situation is far less likely to occur.

We have the very latest technology which incorporates a 3D CAT scanner that gives our doctor a perfect view of your jawbone and enables him to place the implants at precisely the right position and perfect angle in order to hold the bridge. The reason that the procedure is also called “teeth in a day” is because the load is shared between all of the implants and that means that the bridge can be attached immediately.

If you think that “all on four” in the Bay Area might be just what you are looking for, then you will need a consultation with Dr. Rabinovich. Just click on the Consult link at the top of the page to book an appointment.