If you are one of the many millions of people who suffer from a missing tooth, or worse still, missing teeth, then there is one piece of good news. That is that today we are well and truly into the 21st century, and in turn that means that there is a much better answer to missing teeth than last century’s dentures.

Today, there is absolutely no need to suffer all the problems that go with dentures, such as them slipping and sliding about, and – despite what you might think – being unable to eat certain foods.

Yes, you read that correctly. When you have dentures, you should not eat nuts, or at least not for the first few months, as they can damage your dentures.

Do you enjoy a nice, rare steak? A good steak tends to be chewy and when you wear dentures, chewing it can cause gum pain. It could damage the strength of the teeth in your dentures, or even dislodge them completely from the prosthetic.

Want a nice cup of coffee? Uh oh! Dentures can stain quite easily, especially when new. Black tea can do the same, as can red wine, so forget that glass of Merlot with your dinner.

And we haven’t even mentioned all that messing around with glues and taking the dentures out at night and putting them in water to keep them clean. Not only that, if dentures become a bit loose, it has not been unknown for a wearer to throw his or her head back and roar with laughter at a good joke, only to have the dentures fall out of the mouth. How very embarrassing!

It Is The 21st Century! It’s time for Dental Implants!

But as we said, today we are in the 21st century, and now we have dental implants. These look and feel and operate exactly as the original tooth or teeth did.

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center, affordable dental implants in San Francisco are our specialty. Note that we said affordable dental implants in San Francisco, and not cheap dental implants. Yes, it is possible to get dental implants which are a little less expensive – not a lot, but a bit – but they are foreign imports, and we would never use them.

Our dental implants are made here in the US18 and are the finest quality available. When you are having dental implants, you want them to last, and that is why we only use those. But they are still affordable.

Not only that, but we have a wide range of financial plans available for our affordable dental implants in San Francisco, including some with no interest attached. So, there is bound to be a plan which is perfect for your individual situation.