As with most things in life, there are people who are a “jack of all trades” and then there are people who specialize in a particular area. It is rather stating the obvious to say that a specialist probably knows far more about his specialty than a jack of all trades.

There may be times when this doesn’t matter too much. A general builder can Oral Surgeon for Dental Implantsprobably wire a plug on to an item of electrical equipment just as well as an electrician can. However, when it comes to something more complex, such as completely re-wiring your home, you probably wouldn’t trust a general builder: you would want an electrician.

Even More Important – Oral Surgeon Dental Implants

When it comes to your health, this gets even more important. You probably wouldn’t want your local general practitioner to carry out brain surgery on you.

The same thing is true if you are considering dental implants. Oral surgeon dental implants are likely to be a far better choice than using the services of a general dentist.

It is true that an oral surgeon who specializes in dental implants will probably cost a little more than a general dentist. Not a lot more, but a little. However, when it comes to a dental implant, you want only the best. You are only going to have these fitted once – or at least that should be the case.

As with everything, there is the good and the not so good. For example, as far as dental implants are concerned there is no doubt that you will probably spend a little less if your dental surgeon uses cheap foreign imports for the materials. But is that what you want, or do you want the best?

Nothing But The Best – Dental Implants Center

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center we use nothing but the best materials, because that is what we consider that our patients deserve. We use materials that will last as long as you do, because nobody wants to keep running backwards and forwards to a dental surgeon all the time when something goes wrong. In the long run, this could cost you more than having the best materials in the first place.

Furthermore, we do nothing other than carry out dental implant work – all day and every day. Our doctor has carried out thousands of dental implant treatments over very many years. Compare that with a general dentist who may only do a couple every other month or so.

We also have a wide range of payment plans available, because we consider that the finest dental implants should be available to everyone, and that cost should not be allowed to stand in the way. One of our payment plans actually carries no interest if paid within 6 months.

We are also happy to provide you with a consult. Call us on (415) 992-9188 or just click on the Contact Us link above to book yours.