Dental implants could never be called “cheap”. That’s just the way things are. They are made from titanium and they are a “high tech” product.Dental implants must be installed by an expert

Having said that, it is possible to get what you might refer to as low-cost dental implants. These are made abroad in foreign countries and are imported. But do you really want low-cost dental implants made in some foreign country in your mouth? You want dental implants that are going to last, not ones that start to come loose after a few years.

The whole point of dental implants is that they replace the original tooth or teeth and act in the same way that the originals did. When you eat, you don’t stop to think about your natural teeth, and it should be the same with dental implants. You don’t want to have to worry about them. So you need top-quality dental implants made right here in the US and you need them installed by an expert surgeon with years of experience under his belt, like our Dr. Alex Rabinovich.

Made By Nobel Biocare

The dental implants that we use are made here by Nobel Biocare. While they are of the highest possible quality, they don’t actually cost a lot more than the so-called low-cost dental implants that are imported. Whichever type of dental implants you have, it is not going to be a “cheap” procedure, so it is just plain common sense to spend a few dollars extra and get dental implants that are going to last you a lifetime.

Dr. Rabinovich has many years of experience of dental implants, and he is often asked to speak at dental conventions about them. When you use his services, you know that you are getting the very best of the best. If you only need a single tooth replaced, the traditional method has been to use a bridge. This involves cutting down the two perfectly good teeth on either side of the missing one in order to support the bridge. Unfortunately, this means that there is no longer a root to hold the bone in place, and what happens is that the bone begins to deteriorate and melt away.

This doesn’t happen with a dental implant because the root is replaced by the titanium implant and the bone actually grows tightly to it and holds it in place.

There are other exciting choices if you need several missing teeth replaced, such as “all on four” and teeth in a day. Dr. Rabinovich is happy to provide all patients with an initial consult when he can assess your situation and advise on the best course of action. Just click on the Consult link above to make an appointment.