Choice is an important factor in our lives. We don’t want to be told what to do by somebody else: we want to have a choice, and provided that our choice does no harm to anyone else, in the Western world that is our right. As they say, you have choices when you fly. You have choices when thinking about dental implants in SF.Well, OK – after Covid-19 you don’t have as many as you used to do because half the planes are grounded, but you know what we mean.

The same thing applies when it comes to missing teeth. Unfortunately, most people do not keep all their teeth for their whole lives. Some people shrug their shoulders and carry on regardless, but it may not be the best way to live. Still, they have choices.

However, many people feel a real urge to replace those missing teeth and this can be for a few reasons. Not the least of these is that eating foods can become very difficult when you start losing teeth. Many people also feel great embarrassment and have to put their hand over their mouth when they laugh out loud at a joke, so that others cannot see all the gaps between their teeth.

Then again you have choices. A bridge might be one solution if you are only missing one or two teeth. Another could be dentures. Today you could also choose dental implants, and these are by far the best possible solution for missing teeth because they look and perform in exactly the same way as the original tooth or teeth did.

Not The Cheapest – Just The Best

No, they are not the cheapest solution, just the best.

And even then, if this is the road that you choose to go down, you still have dental implant choice in San Francisco. For instance, there is Clear Choice in San Francisco. Or you might want to check out UCSF dental implants. Then again, there is always us at San Francisco Dental Implant Center. You have a lot of dental implant choice.

However, there are a few things to take into consideration, one of which is that cheapest is not always best. We can tell you here and now that you will find dental implants for less than the ones we provide. Maybe not a lot cheaper, but nonetheless, cheaper.

Your dental implant choice depends on the sort of quality that you want. There are dental implants that are manufactured abroad and imported, and they are cheaper than those manufactured in the US.

However, at San Francisco Dental Implant Center we will only ever provide the finest quality dental implants because we believe that our patients deserve nothing less. You want dental implants that are going to last, and not cause problems a few years down the line.

But, of course, the choice is yours.