If you are thinking about having dental implants you are certainly heading in the right direction. Dental implants are far superior to any other sort of tooth replacement because they look and perform exactly as your original tooth or teeth did. Dental implants in San Francisco.They don’t slip and slide about in your mouth as dentures can. In fact, it has not been unknown for someone wearing dentures to throw their head back and laugh at a joke and suffer the embarrassment of their dentures actually falling out of their mouth.

What’s more, dental implants don’t require perfectly good teeth on either side of a tooth to be cut down in the way that a bridge does.

So yes, dental implants are the perfect answer to replace missing teeth. Then you are probably wondering what the best dental implants are. However, this is where you need to talk to the professionals about the best dental implants. To begin with, some people are not actually suitable recipients for dental implants, but that is only a small minority so that shouldn’t worry you. Most people are suitable for dental implants.

Different Types Of Dental Implants

However, there are different types of dental implants and different sizes which will depend on your jawbone, nerve positions, and other factors which only a qualified dental implant specialist such as our Dr Rabinovich can assess. You really need to come in for a consult with Dr Rabinovich and have a CT scan which will give him a very detailed and highly accurate picture of your jawbone so that he can assess what you need and at the same time he can answer all your questions. Dr Rabinovich provides all patients an initial consult in any case.

Assuming that you are suitable for dental implants, the next question is what are the best dental implants? Here again, there are variations. There are cheap foreign imports available. That said, of course, dental implants cannot ever be regarded as being “cheap”, but some of the foreign imports are less expensive than the home-grown versions.

However, with that said, Dr Rabinovich has never used foreign imports and never will. When you have dental implants, they are going into your mouth and your jawbone, and you want them to LAST. You don’t want to be in the position of having to replace them after four or five years because if that should happen you will finish up paying more than you would than if you had had the best implants in the first place.

So make an appointment with Dr Rabinovich for your consult. Just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.