It is very true. Even missing one tooth can hurt. If it’s at the back, at least it doesn’t show as much when you smile or laugh, but it can cause problems chewing. If it is nearer the front, it may not cause so many problems eating, but what about the embarrassment of feeling that you can’t smile or laugh? If anything, the pain of that is worse than any physical pain.

The pity of it is that in the 21st century the problem is so easy to fix, but manyTooth Implant / San Francisco people have not yet got a handle on the idea. Years ago, the only thing that you could do was to have dentures, or get a bridge. Most people just hate the idea of dentures. You have something alien in your mouth, and not only that, dentures can slip and slide about when you are trying to eat. Thanks, but no thanks.

As for a bridge, well, yes, you can still get that done. That is assuming that you want to cut down two perfectly good teeth on either side of the missing one in order to fit the bridge. Most people are really not too keen on that idea any more.

Technology Has Advanced: So Have Bay Area Tooth Implants

Fortunately, technology has advanced so far that we can now have a replacement tooth that works as well as the original one, and should last for the rest of your life without any problems. For teeth replacement San Francisco, the answer today is dental implants, including single tooth implants.

Dental implants really do work in exactly the same way as your original tooth, or teeth, and once installed need no maintenance – other than regular brushing, of course. The implant is inserted into the jawbone, which will then bond to it over a period of four to six months. In effect, it becomes a part of the jawbone as was the root of your original tooth. If that sounds as though it might be a painful process, let us assure you that it is not. Most patients are amazed at just how quick and painless inserting an implant is.

Once installed and set, a permanent tooth is fitted on to the implant, and you are good to go. If you’re interested, call or stop by our San Francisco office for a consultation.

Thousands Of Implants

At San Francisco Dental Implant Center, we have fitted countless thousands of dental implants. We are the specialists for the Bay area, and we have a constant stream of new patients who have been recommended by friends or family.

We also have a wide range of payment options available, because we believe that dental implants should be available to everyone.

Why struggle on with a missing tooth, when the answer today is so simple?

We will happily offer you an initial consult and answer all your questions. Call us on (415) 992-9188 or simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page for teeth replacement San Francisco.