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If You Want to Know the Cost of Oakland Dental Implants, There Are Variables

Many people want to know the cost of dental implants in Oakland, but there is no straightforward answer. It depends. It depends on how many implants you need, the doctor that you choose, and whether or not you have any insurance which may, or may not, cover all or part of it. Continue reading

San Francisco Dental Implant Center Announces New Post on the Negatives of So-called Cheap Dental Implants

San Francisco, California – July 31, 2021. San Francisco Dental Implant Center, a best-in-class dental implant center led by Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD is proud to announce a new post on the complexities of so-called “cheap dental implants.” The true costs, argues the post, may be more than those apparent at first glance. Continue reading