San Francisco, California – December 1, 2016. San Francisco Dental Implants, a leading provider of dental implants to Bay Area consumers, is proud to announce a new informational post on so-called ‘Teeth in a Day‘ technology. Busy San Francisco Bay Area residents may demand a quick turnaround on dental implant care in order to keep up with hectic schedules.

Bay Area dental implants in a day

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As Bay Area locals may not be aware that dental implant surgery can be handled during one visit instead of several, the new post aims to increase awareness of this exciting possibility vis-a-vis dental implants.

“In Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the attitude is that anything is possible. Still, locals call and ask us if it’s possible to get dental implants in one day,” explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich of San Francisco Dental Implants. “After an initial consultation, if a patient is cleared to be a candidate for the procedure, we can say yes and schedule teeth-in-a-day surgery. It depends on the patient, but the first step (after awareness) is to come in for a one-on-one consultation.”

To read the timely blog post about Bay Area dental implants in a day, please visit: The post shares details regarding dental implant surgery, including the teeth-in-a-day procedure. Titanium implants using the “all on four” method may help dental implants last a lifetime for some patients.

Limitless Possibilities: Bay Area Dental Implants in a Day

Technological breakthroughs in Silicon Valley can frequently happen due to outside-the-box thinking. Instead of focusing on limitations, successful ventures thrive from imagining possibilities. Bay Area residents may not be aware dental implant surgery has evolved as well. Due to jam-packed personal schedules, some residents may not believe it is possible to schedule dental implant surgery for one day. Putting off dental implant surgery until the schedule allows for several weeks of appointments and recovery time may not be possible. If a San Francisco local has several missing teeth, it can be unhealthy to delay dental surgery. For many Bay Area patients, the impossible idea of “teeth in a day” surgery can now be possible!

San Francisco Dental Implant Center has announced an updated informational post on the topic. San Francisco residents may be surprised to learn rows of bad and missing teeth can be replaced in one appointment. The four in one technology of applying a non-removable bridge made of high quality titanium can be comfortably placed in the mouth during one surgery. Not only is the procedure quick, recovery time has proven to be short. A consultation to verify candidacy for the teeth in a day procedure may be the first step. Locals may be relieved to hear Bay Area dental implants in a day can have patients smiling impossibly fast. Note: persons interested in oral surgery should visit the companion website at, which focuses on all oral surgery offerings for San Francisco patients as provided by Dr. Rabinovich.

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Photo credit: Rupert Taylor-Price via / CC BY