Some people get confused by South San Francisco, believing that it is a part of San Francisco, which it isn’t. It is an independent municipality located south of San Francisco and is not in the same county. The two cities do not even share a border.The best South San Francisco dental implants are in North San Francisco.

South San Francisco is a bit of a “bedroom community” to San Francisco, with more “affordable” housing, and the people who live there often commute up to the big city for work or pleasure.

However, if you are a resident there who is looking for dental implants in South San Francisco, then you do, indeed, need to head up north to the Financial District of San Francisco. This is where you will find us at San Francisco Dental Implant Center.

As you might guess from our name, dental implants are what we do, and if they are your preferred option for your missing tooth, or teeth, you most certainly need to see a specialist. Some general dentists do actually offer dental implants, but they are not specialists, often only carrying out one or two dental implant surgeries in a month. Our two doctors are doing them all day, every day.

A specialist is what you need. After all, if you drive, say, a Mercedes Benz, would you take it to a local auto repair shop when it needs a service, or would you take it to the Mercedes Benz dealer? The answer is pretty obvious. So, when you are looking for dental implants in South San Francisco, make an appointment to see either our Dr. Alex Rabinovich or Dr. Noah Sandler.

The Very Latest Equipment

We also have the very latest equipment in our state-of-the-art office. This includes the New Tom 3D CAT scan machine which provides our doctors with a full 3D picture of your jawbone. This is very important because it will show where the nerves run. The implant, or implants, need to be placed in such a way that they avoid doing any damage to the nerves.

Equally importantly, our doctors only use the very best dental implants that are produced here in the United States by Nobel Biocare. It is, indeed, possible to get dental implants that do cost a little bit less than these, but they are foreign imports, and we would never consider using them. Let’s face it: your dental implants are going to become a part of your body, and you want them to last for life, not have them fail in four or five years’ time.

So, if you are considering dental implants in South San Francisco, you now know what to do and where to come.