Dental implants are such a better option than going the old-fashioned way and settling for dentures, that there is no reason in the world to rule them out simply on the grounds of cost.

Certainly, they are more expensive than dentures, but – with the best will in the world – dentures are today almost as old as the dinosaurs. Who would ever want what almost amounts to alien implements in their mouth when there is such a great alternative?

Over time, dentures slip and slide, and they have to be taken out overnight and soaked in a cleaner. Certainly, up until very recently, along with bridges and crowns, they have been the only real option for people who have lost teeth and need something to help them chew their food. However, with the advances in medical science, you can now have your lost teeth replaced.

Not Your Original Teeth, But Perhaps Better

No, they are not your original teeth, but they function in exactly the same way, and you will keep them for life. In some respects, they are better than the originals, because the materials used in their construction cannot rot or lose enamel in the same way that your natural teeth did.

When there is such a viable alternative to dentures, bridges, crowns, and so on, settling for anything less than the best because of monetary considerations is simply not an option for discerning patients.

This is why SF Dental Implants offers a variety of ways to pay. We accept most debit and credit cards, so you can spread your repayments according to the terms of your card provider.

Insurance and the Cost of Dental Implants

Of course, you may very well be covered on your insurance plan, but if this is not the case, we also offer a dental implant financing plan through one of the leading healthcare credit providers in the US. CareCredit has been chosen by us to provide dental implant financing for SF Dental Implants patients for several sound reasons. Not the least of these is that they offer a plan with NO INTEREST to our patients, provided the total amount is paid off within 18 months.

This is almost unheard of in dental care. You may even wonder if you read that correctly. However, it is fact. As long as you pay back the total cost of your dental implant treatment within 18 months, your dental implant financing costs you no interest whatsoever.

We really believe that, with the range of financing options we can offer to patients, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to settle for anything less than the best treatment that you can get.


This still doesn’t mean that we are the cheapest dental implant specialists in the Bay area, but we are the best.

We are the best, simply because we are exactly that – specialists. Many dentists may only perform dental implant treatments once or twice a month. We provide dental implants every working day, so we have years of experience and thousands of implants behind us. Furthermore, we only ever use the highest quality materials; we would never consider using cheap imports.

At SF Dental Implants, our patients deserve the best and they are going to get nothing less. Don’t let the cost stand in the way. Your implants are going to last you for life, so you have plenty of time to spread the cost in whichever way suits your budget.