It is only human nature to want the best of everything in this world, but then the “best” means different things to different people. If you asked ten different San Francisco residents what they thought was the best car, you would get ten different answers.

Best Dental Implants in San Francisco

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via / CC BY

What is the best film you have ever seen? What are the best plants for your yard? What is the best fish for dinner? What is the best place to go for a holiday?

You can see where we are going with this. Everyone’s idea of the best of anything is likely to be very different from that of the next person.

It is the same when it comes to dental implants. Who is the best dental implant surgeon in San Francisco? What are the best dental implants? What is the best price for dental implants? Where is the best dental implant surgery?

A Dental Implant Specialist Who Listens – That’s the Best Dental Implant Specialist

Obviously, we can only tell you our idea of the “best” dental implant surgeon in San Francisco and indeed in the entire Bay Area, and as far as our Dr Alex Rabinovich is concerned it is a dental implant surgeon who LISTENS to his patient. His philosophy is, and always has been, to work with each patient as an individual, because that is exactly what the patient is: an individual who, by definition, is different from the next patient.

Each patient will have his or her own hopes, fears, concerns, worries, and thoughts about dental implants – the procedure, the cost of dental implants, worries about pain, and more – which is why Dr Rabinovich offers every patient a consult during which he can answer every question and worry that the patient may have. It also gives him the opportunity to assess the suitability of the patient for dental implants, although the good news is that very few people are unsuitable for them. Even more good news is that this consult is without any obligation.

If you are thinking about having dental implants, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the office which you can do by phoning (415) 992-9188 or clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

You will also be pleased to know that Dr Rabinovich only ever uses the best materials for dental implants. It is possible to use cheap imports, but you want your dental implants to last, so not only do you need the best dental implant surgeon – you also need the best implants.

As for what constitutes the “best” implants, that is something that you have to leave to Dr Rabinovich. After all, he is a specialist at what he does, so for this one we all have to rely on his expert skill and judgment.

Photo credit: Dr PS Sahana * Kadamtala Howrah via / CC BY