Let’s face it: EVERYTHING is cheaper in India, not just the cost of dental implants. It is true that if you opt for India dental implants they WILL cost less than they do just down the road in San Francisco. At least, so it would appear.

However, not everything is as straightforward as it might seem. To begin with, unless you are planning to fly to India anyway, there is the cost of getting there and back. That will make a very big dent in any apparent savings.

Be Aware Of Hidden Costs to Dental Implants

But assuming that you are going to visit India for a holiday anyway, you should be aware of The hidden costs of dental implant surgery in India compared with San Franciscoother hidden costs and problems associated with having dental implant surgery in a foreign country. It is by no means all plain sailing.

To begin with, how do you know how well qualified a particular dental surgeon in India is? That is not to say that there are no doubt some excellent doctors in India, but how do you find one? In San Francisco Bay area you can ask friends and relatives for their experiences, and you can also see testimonials from patients who have had work carried out here (and we encourage you to do so). But unless you happen to know someone who has had treatment in India, it is a bit like sticking a pin in and hoping for the best.

Dental Implants May Not Be Suitable

Then, how do you meet your proposed surgeon and discuss your particular situation with him? Every patient is different, and in some cases (not many, to be fair) dental implants may be completely unsuitable. In San Francisco you can meet and discuss treatment with your surgeon before making a decision on whether to go ahead.

The next problem may be that you find that your chosen doctor rushes the treatment because you have to catch the plane home on Sunday afternoon and he needs to get the work finished by the deadline. What happens if everything is not as straightforward as you thought?

Then there is the question of cost. Certainly, the treatment will be cheaper in India, but the doctor will want paying before you leave. There will be no other payment options, so if you need quite an amount of work done you will need to be able to fund it.

What Happens If There Is A Problem?

Another problem to consider is what if there is a problem? Suppose you have flown back home, and a few days later you find that you have a problem with your implants, or a swelling, an infection, or anything else. You cannot just pop back to see the doctor and get him to fix it, so you will incur additional costs here in order to see another specialist. You may also have to wait in order to get an appointment.

For sure, the basic cost of India dental implants will be less than in San Francisco, but there are a lot of other things to take into consideration. In the words of the Latin phrase “Caveat emptor”. It means “Let the buyer beware.”