This is a very fair question.

When you consider just how big (or, rather, little) a tooth is, you do begin to wonder why a simple replacement – which is what a dental implant is to the uninitiated – should cost so much.

After all, a tooth – or at least the part of it that you see – is only as big as your little fingernail. If you went to your local DIY store to buy a couple of screws four or five times as big as that, it would only cost you a few cents.

Of course, the answer is that providing dental implants in San Francisco is a highly specialist procedure that has taken the dentist many years of study to perfect. He has to get it right, and he has to get it right first time. There are no second chances.

It may sound painful (it’s not, by the way), but he is going to drill a hole

Affordable Dental Implants - San Francisco Bay Area

into your jawbone. Possibly several holes, if you need more than one dental implant. For the sake of argument, let’s suppose a general dentist – who is not a specialist in the procedure – drills a hole that is too big. At the very least, it will take many more months of healing than it should do, and it might not work at all.

Finding a Dental Implant Expert in the San Francisco Bay Area

So you need a dental surgeon in San Francisco, or nearby, who is a specialist in the procedure, and preferably spends all his time working on dental implants, rather than fillings or cleaning and polishing teeth. It is rather as though you own a Ferrari. You wouldn’t have it serviced by a local auto mechanic in a back street, you’d take it to a Ferrari dealer who has been trained by the manufacturers.

Your teeth are even more important than a Ferrari. If the worst comes to the worst, you can always buy another Ferrari, but you only have one mouth.

The next point concerns the materials that are used in dental implants. We are talking one of the most expensive and rare metals on the planet here – pure titanium. It’s right up there with gold and platinum. Certainly, titanium ores such as rutile and ilmenite are very common in the earth’s crust – more so than tin, lead, mercury, zinc, manganese, chromium, and nickel all combined. But pure titanium – no. And that is what you need in your jaw bone.

Then there are the visits to the doctor to consider. You need an initial consultation in order to see if you are a suitable candidate. (Dr Rabinovich provides an initial consultation; and he is conveniently located in San Francisco’s financial district. Most people are suitable for dental implants).

Then there is a visit to have the implants inserted, possible follow-up visits, and of course, the visit to have your new teeth fitted to the implant. You may also need after care visits.

So a small object like a replacement tooth might seem like nothing very much, but it is going to last you for the rest of your life, provided, of course, that it is done by an expert. Don’t settle for anything less.