Clear Choices in Dental Implants (You Have Many Choices, as they Say)

When it comes to considering dental implants there are a lot of different choices, some clearer than others. One of the best clear choices in dental implants? Getting a second opinion from a recognized specialist.

Dental implants in San Francisco.

Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND

When it comes to dental implants, there are different materials, different manufacturers, and different doctors as well. In fact, as with many things, it can be bewildering to the man or woman in the street who simply doesn’t understand these things. That’s not a criticism: it’s a fact.

For instance, how many people, other than qualified doctors, know what this means: “This treatment approach offers the possibility of same-day rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible or a failing dentition in the lower jaw with a definitive implant supported prosthesis.”? Yet that is a reference to a new kind of dental implant treatment from Nobel Biocare – the Trefoil System.

In fact, as one of the dental implant choices, the Trefoil System offers patients many benefits. It is easier for the doctor to carry out the surgery, so the implants can be fitted in a day. That means that you can have your dental implant surgery and be fully functional the same day. Second, the implant is pre-manufactured and is of top quality materials, and third, because of the way the implant is designed to work, the cost of the Trefoil System can be considerably less than some traditional dental implants. Now that DOES make sense to the man and woman in the street, especially here in busy San Francisco.

One Of The First In The Bay Area

San Francisco Dental Implant Center is excited to be one of the first dental implant specialists in the Bay Area to be able to offer the Trefoil System to its’ patients. Now not every patient is a suitable candidate for the Trefoil System which is why our doctors, Dr Rabinovich and Dr Sandler, offer all patients a totally free consult. Most people are suitable, but you don’t know until a specialist has checked and can advise you. Even if you are not suitable, there are other types of dental implant choices.

Dental implants are the 21st century way to replace missing teeth. The simple fact is that they function exactly like your original tooth or teeth did, unlike dentures. You don’t have to take them out at night – in fact you can’t – and they won’t slip and slide about which dentures can do. You can smile and laugh without embarrassment, and you will be able to eat foods that you may not have been able to eat in years. If you have ever used dentures, or are using them at present, you will understand what we mean. Dental implants also have another very big psychological benefit in that they totally restore your self-confidence.

So, for your free consult, click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and we will advise you whether you are suitable for the Trefoil System and discus your other dental implant choices.

Photo credit: El Ronzo via / CC BY-ND